Sheep vs Sheep

Western Confluence

Where Domestic Sheep Still Roam

December 7, 2018

Feature magazine story: Vulnerable bighorns, public land allotments for domestic sheep, and the evolving culture of the new West form a potent mix for conflict. At the heart of the issue is the challenge of balancing wildlife conservation on public lands with natural resource uses that support the livelihoods, character, and open landscape of the West. Sheep ranchers, with their long history in the region, want to remain on allotments administered by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Wildlife advocates counter that domestic sheep hinder the reestablishment of healthy bighorn sheep populations. Individuals from both sides comb through scientific literature to find support for their views. They come to very different conclusions about what should be done for sheep management.development and autism features.

Illustrations by Marissa Fessenden

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